For me photography started as a hobby, which has grown into a passion.
Inspired by light and its effect on the subject, evoking mood, time and environment
I try to produce exciting pictures, from the click of the shutter to development and display.

Initially in the darkroom I liked to experiment with different papers, chemicals and mixtures that I made from scratch to create my images.

Now using layers,textures and styles to manipulate photos I can be more imaginative and produce images that once were simply impossible to recreate,
an idea that I could only dream about.

My style is creative no matter what the subject, in colour or monchrome, the intention is to evoke a reaction from the viewer.

My images have evolved as photograpy has progressed and I feel the line between photography and graphic art is merging closer all the time.

I invite you all to visit my website, have a look around and leave your comments.